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How to Increase YouTube Views Fast Free in 2020 [7 Effective Ways]

With free YouTube views increaser and other traditional methods, you have more chances to increase YouTube views up.

As the 2nd most visited website in the world, YouTube has over 2 billion users. Millions of users are posting videos or viewing videos for various purposes: being popular, making money, or finding solutions. Then video views are an important indicator for them to achieve your goal. 

So one question on the popular question-and-answer website Quora appears: how to increase YouTube views? The answers are more than 800 items. From the number of answers, we know that large people are trying to find ways to increase YouTube views. But is every method effective and suitable for you? Not really. This article shares one quick way that is effective to improve your YouTube views fast and other traditional methods to keep your YouTube views increasing.

How to Increase YouTube Views 

Part 1: Increase YouTube Views with Free YouTube Views Increaser

Before reading the article, many of you may have tried a free YouTube views generator to help you get views quickly. But the fact is that many YouTube views generators are generating fake views, which will not help your YouTube channel go further. We are going to share one free YouTube views increaser, with which you can get real video views.

The name of the views increaser is YouberUp, an app dedicated to increasing YouTube video views fast. Even if you are a starter on YouTube, it helps you to increase views from 0, 100, 1k, and more quickly. The more views you get, you more possibility you achieve success. The views you get from the platform are real and high-quality as it gathers real YouTubers to watch videos. Doing simple tasks including watching videos and subscribe to others can get coins to gain views without limit. You decide on adding views to which video on your channel. You can get subscribers using coins as it is also a YouTube subscribers hack app. Hacking 1k subscribers and views is easy on the app. Try it now and you’ll be surprised.

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Why choose YouberUp to increase YouTube views fast

Safe to use

The safety of an app is always the priority. Don’t worry. YouberUp is designed by a professional team and it is been tested several times before listed on the app store. It contains no annoying ads, no virus, no leak. It values your privacy and all your info is only visible to you. 

An all-in-one app

Views, subscribers, and likes are 3 main factors that influence the improvement of a YouTube channel. Unlimited views, subscribers, and likes are available with the views hack app as you can do tasks and earn large coins, with which you’ll gain massive views, get large free subscribers daily, improve engagement with more likes, comments, and shares.

Real and free views, subscribers, and likes 

Real persons are gathering in the community to get what they want: real views, subscribers, or likes. When you get video views, that is a genuine person who is interested in and sticks around to watch your videos. No bots are allowed on the platform. Just watching videos, subscribing to others, or like posts, you can earn coins and use them to get free views, subscribers, and likes fast and free.

What if you have a budget?

Buying views is also available on YouberUp. If you value your time and have a budget, you can choose to buy views. Views, subscribers, likes, no matter what you need, you can buy them on it with a small amount of money.

Part 2: Steps to Increase YouTube Views Fast Free on YouberUp

Improving your YouTube views is simple on YouberUp. Read the following steps and you’ll know how to use it to hack YouTube views fast.

Step 1: Download the app from the Play Store or App Store.

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Step 2: Sign up for the app with your email and log in. You’ll get coins instantly.

How to Increase YouTube Views Fast - Step 2

Step 3: Spend coins to increase free views fast. To get more views, you could do simple tasks. The progress will show in the list, which contains all users who have viewed your videos.

How to Increase YouTube Video Views - Step 3

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Part 3: Traditional Methods to Increase Your YouTube Views for Free

 Keeping video views is always a concerning thing for many people because more views get more money. After you have increased YouTube views fast via YouberUp, you need to take measures to keep your views going up all the way. So we have shared other traditional YouTube hacks for view

1. Put eye-catching thumbnail image to increase YouTube views

The first impression of YouTubers on your video always depends on your thumbnail image. When your video appears in the search console or suggested video list, people will see the thumbnail image unconsciously. Putting an eye-catching thumbnail image will attract people to see your video title and description, and view your video at last.

2. Create user-generated content

User-generated content is essential for a YouTube channel. People choose to view videos that contain the content they are interested in. You need to cater to users’ demands and create user-generated content to improve video views. 

3. Cross-promote your videos on other social media platforms

Nowadays, many people have more than one social account. You should grab the opportunity and promote your videos on other popular social media channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and so on. In this way, more people reach your video and thus improve video views naturally and easily.

4. Cooperate with famous people to get YouTube views 

There are many ways to cooperate with famous people, such as tag them in your video, co-make a video, or other forms. Famous people have a large audience base, and some of them have more than one million subscribers and video views. Even a small portion of their audience chooses to watch your video, views will increase to a large number quickly.

Create Playlist to Increase YouTube Views Fast and Free

5. Create and manage video playlists to gain more YouTube views

Creating playlists is kind of a trick to increase YouTube views. It is an easy but effective way to minimize the chance that a viewer moves to another channel. In addition, videos in a playlist can be played automatically. It gives viewers more chances to reach and view other videos on your channel. 

6. Take advantage of cards and end screens

Cards and end screens are two ways that directly influence your audience’s next choice. A variety of cards are available, video cards, playlist cards, link cards, and channel cards. They can be used to make your videos more interactive than ever and increase video views. End screens are links, words, or others you add in the end to encourage viewers to take action. To increase your YouTube views, you could add video links in the end and induce them to watch other videos.

 Bottom Line

It is self-evident that video views matter a lot on YouTube. The article has listed 7 methods to assist you to increase YouTube views fast and free. Learn the 6 traditional methods to ensure that you will not lose your already gotten subscribers and views. Try YouberUp to increase YouTube views fast and free. It enables you to get free views, subscribers, and likes with the least effort. Download it now and get views for more revenue!

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