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How to Increase Views on YouTube Free - 5 Proven Efficient Tricks

Desire to increase views on YouTube free but don't know how to do it? This article is going to introduce 5 proven efficient tricks.

People who use YouTube like looking for some tricks to increase more views for their YouTube videos. Increasing views on YouTube are not only a basic thing you should try to do, but also one of the factors to decide the success on YouTube. After all, if no one watches your uploaded video on YouTube, your target audience won't benefit from the video, and it will make no sense.

Well, in this article, we provide you with 5 proven tricks to increase free YouTube views over the long term. After reading this article, you will have high confidence and know what you should do to increase views on YouTube free.
Ways to Increase YouTube Views

Optimizing Your Video Title to Attract More Views

A YouTube video title is one of the important factors to increase your YouTube video views. Your audience will see the title firstly while scrolling the video lists. If the title is attractive enough and can solve the problems of the audience, they will click and watch the video. In this case, your video will gain more views.

So, how to create a good YouTube video title to increase more views?

First, consider your audience and find the reason why they would like to click your videos. For example, if you want to create a video based on the keyword 'how to cook steak for a beginners', you should consider people might worry about the difficulty to cook a steak or to clean the kitchen. If you explain that in the title to solve these doubts, the video will become more attractive.Ways to Increase YouTube Views1

Second, add numbers in your title. You can use the number to state how many tips or tricks you will cover, or use the current year number to state your video is the latest one. Also, using numbers in the title can draw the audience's attention in a short time and hack more YouTube views.Ways to Increase YouTube Views2

Third, keep your title short within 70 characters, or YouTube will use dots to replace the extra characters, and viewers can't read the full title. Also, a short title can make people know what the video is about quickly. 

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How to increase views on YouTube videos with YouberUp?

Step1: Download YouberUp on Google Play (for Android) or on App Store (for iOS).

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Step2: Install YouberUp and create an account.

Step3: Do tasks ( subscribe channels, view, and like videos)to get free coins. You can get free coins by doing tasks forever.Hack YouTube Views Quickly

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Use Attractive Thumbnails to Draw Attention

An attractive thumbnail is also the key to increase your video views on YouTube. Viewers will notice your video thumbnails the first time while scrolling the video lists. If your thumbnails are eye-catching, viewers will stop and click your video. 

For example, we can take a look at Neil Patel's Channel thumbnails.Increase YouTube Views Free

He makes thumbnails with a uniform orange color, so it won't give viewers a strange vision while scrolling the video lists. Also, orange looks harmonious with the color of the YouTube logo. Besides, we can also see there are some different facial emotions on thumbnails. All of these factors will attract more views on YouTube.

Here are some tricks to make attractive thumbnails to boost the views on YouTube.

  • Create thumbnails with the right colors. We can see from YouTube that all the colors are red, black, and white. In order to make your video blend in, you can use blue, orange, green, and yellow.
  • Use facial emotions in thumbnails. Using facial emotions to give viewers a vivid picture. That will be much more attractive.
  • Give some descriptive words in thumbnails. That will give some complements of the title, and have more chances to attract viewers to see your videos.

Share Videos on Quora to Get More Traffic

People like asking questions on Quora, and they hope to get the answers. At the same time, if your video can solve their problems, you can share your videos as an answer to their questions. Sharing your YouTube videos on Quora will give you opportunities to find the target viewers quickly, these viewers who post the questions are willing to watch your videos, and this trick is beneficial for you to get over 500 YouTube views quickly.

So, how to share YouTube videos on Quora as an answer to the questions?

For example, here’s a question on Quora 'What is the quickest way to increase Instagram followers'. So, you can use a YouTube video to answer the question.Grow YouTube Views Free

Step1: Find a YouTube video that can answer the question. 

Step2: You need to copy the video URL from the top location bar on the PC side. If you copy the video link through your mobile, it will be shown as a short link on Quora, not a video.

Step3: Paste the link on Quora, and click 'Save Changes'. Finally, Your answer will appear as a YouTube video.Grow YouTube Views

Create Video Playlists for More Views

Creating video playlists is an efficient trick to increase more views. Why? Because the videos in playlists can play automatically. When viewers watch one of the videos in the playlist, other videos on the same list will appear in the suggested video. Once the viewers finish one video, the next will begin automatically. YouTube allows users to give links among related videos. It can not only give fewer opportunities that the viewers turn to other channels once they finish your video but also can increase other video views on your playlists.

Well, there are some tips about creating video playlists to increase YouTube views.

  • Use keywords in the playlist's title and descriptions. It can tell YouTube that your playlists are about something the viewers need.
  • Place your best videos at the beginning of the playlist so that it can make viewers curious and interested in your next video.
  • Delete the extra video information. You can choose the time of every video in the playlist to start and end. This can give viewers a seamless watching experience.

The Bottom Line

Increasing views on YouTube needs a lot of energy, but if you can understand these tricks and have a try, your video views on YouTube will have a significant increase. Also, it is beneficial to attract free YouTube subscribers. Remembering getting enough views is the basic thing on YouTube. Just use these tricks to make big progress on increasing YouTube views.

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