FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to find my YouTube channel URL or video URL?

Channel URL:
(1)Web: log into your YouTube account on the official website of YouTube > click the photo profile (where you can manage your account) > click "Your channel" > then copy the URL in the browser address bar.
(2)app: log into your YouTube account on YouTube app > tap the photo profile (where you can manage your account) > tap "Your channel" > tap the Options icon and choose "Share" > tap “Copy link” and that is your channel URL.

Video URL:
log into your YouTube account > open the video > click the "Share" button > then copy the URL.

2. Why it showed “All the tasks have been completed. Please wait for new tasks.” on Earn Coins module?

All tasks are time-limited. You may wait for a while and refresh for several times or log out YouberUp and log in again to check it.

3. Why should I log into my YouTube account?

On Earn Coins module, you can earn free coins via doing tasks published by others. Then you need to log into your YouTube account with its password. Your information will be completely secured. Just rest assured.

4. Why it stuck at the interface “You need to log into your YouTube account to get more subscribes, views and likes”?

Please wait a little while longer (sometimes it may take 8 to 10 seconds) and the login interface will appear. We'll optimize it in the next version. Please stay tuned.

5. How to publish a task of “Get Subscribers/Likes/Views”?

On Pricing Plan module, input your channel URL/video URL (remember they are different) > tap the search icon, wait until it successfully identifies the corresponding channel or video > select a plan > tap the “Get Subscribers/Likes/Views Now” button.

6. I published one task, but I haven’t got all subscribers, likes or views. Why?

Generally, you’ll see the change after 24 hours. The specific time of completing one task depends on the task size. Bigger plan, more time. You can check the progress in Task List. Also, it takes longer than usual when there are too many tasks in our system. If no changes occurred beyond 24 hours/there is still no new progress in the next two days, you can send us the YouTube account (email) of the task you mentioned and the screenshot of the progress in Task List. We’ll help follow it up.

7. Why I received the email of Verification Code ?

You received the verification code email because you were trying to sign up a YouberUp account. The code will expire in 15 minutes after you receive it. Just enter the verification code on YouberUp app where you click to send the verification code and complete the verification. If you didn't send such a request, please ignore this message.

8. Why it prompted “Incorrect or expired verification code. Please double-check and try again.”?

Please check if there’s any typo while you input the code or it may be expired. You can also tap the Send button to get a new verification code and try again.

9. What if I forgot the password of my YouberUp account?

Open YouberUp > tap “Forgot password?” on the login interface > enter the email address you used to register the account. You will receive an email and please follow the onscreen prompts to reset your password.

10. Why I shared the app but didn’t get the rewarded coins?

Please note that after you share the app to another person, he/she need to sign up a YouberUp account via the link you sent. Thus you can get the rewarded coins.

11. How does YouberUp work?

It is a free and safe platform gathering massive real and active YouTubers to subscribe to each other. Everyone can earn free coins by subscribing to other channels, liking other videos or watching other videos in this platform. Then, use the coins to publish a task of getting subscribers, likes or views. (Note: you need to upload at least one video on YouTube before publishing the task.) Follow the easy steps to sign up YouberUp and start getting more subscribers, likes and views: Step 1: Create your account. Step 2: Earn free coins via doing tasks published by others. Step 3: Use the coins to publish tasks to get subscribers, likes or views.

12. Is it legal to buy YouTube subscribers, likes or views?

It’s legal, for sure. Buying subscribers, likes or views for any kind of social media is legal. It’s just a digital marketing strategy. When others subscribe to your channel or like your video, it is totally legal and safe.

13. Are subscribers and likes real?

All the subscribers or likes you get via our app are from real YouTube accounts. Only real YouTube users can access to this system to earn coins and publish tasks. Just rest assured.

14. Is YouberUp safe?

Absolutely YES. YouberUp is designed by a professional team which has years of experience in app R&D services. We guarantee 100% safe and clean. Note: Please rest assured to proceed with the downloading and installing of YouberUp if you see any prompts. Your mobile phone may show you a warning message when you try to download it from our site. There is no risk for your device and no damage to your data. Please just tap on “SETTINGS” to enable the installations from other sources on your device.

15. Where can I download YouberUp?

You can download YouberUp by clicking the buttons below.
GET IT ON Google Play

16. Can I get subscribers & likes without doing coin tasks?

Of course yes. You can get unlimited free subscribers and views via doing coin tasks. Alternatively, you can buy YouTube channel subscribers and views directly, without downloading the app and doing tasks.
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