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7 Actionable but Barely Known YouTube Hacks for Views in 2020

You may already know the general tips to increase YouTube views. Here are 7 actionable YouTube hacks for views that you can apply now and see results tomorrow.

You probably have got a lot of advice from the so-called “experts” to create quality content and upload videos constantly. Surely, quality content matters, but if you don’t promote it the right way, nobody will watch it.

YouTube View Hacks

In this article, I will share with you 7 actionable YouTube hacks for views that actually work in 2020. Whether you are a new or experienced YouTube creator, you will certainly learn something new here. Apply these hacks now and you see good results in the first day and days to come.

Hack Suggested Video 

We have analyzed more than a thousand YouTube channels and found that successful channels get a ton of views from Suggested Video. According to YouTube Creator Academy, video content metadata (like your title, description and tags) are highly related to Suggested Video rankings. So if you want to get more views from Suggested Video, you need optimize your title, description and tags. 

Look for videos addressing the same topic that continue to generate lots of views. Then you can copy the tags and use some new ones, so your chances of appearing in suggested videos will be greater.  

Here is the step by step guide on how to search for competitors' tags: 

Step 1. Open your competitor's video;

Step 2. Right-click on a white area of the page and select “view source code”;

Step 3. On the page where a shower of letters appears, click CTRL + F and search for keywords;

Step 4. The words after the keywords are the tags used in the video. Select the ones that match yours and apply.

You can also use tools like TubeBudy to help you copy and paste YouTube tags. It is definitely a new tool for hack views on YouTube. 

Use the Right Color in Thumbnails

Thumbnails are usually frames taken from videos to create a “cover” and are essential to attract the attention of users of the platform. They will attract your target audience, many times. So be careful! Do not use just one frame of the video without any information. Create a thumbnail with the keyword, use colors in the font that stand out and images that represent its content.

The question is which color should you use to make your video stand out. 

On the entire YouTube site, you can easily find that it is mostly red, black, and white, so you should avoid using black, white and red in your thumbnail. Otherwise, your video will blend in. Therefore, to make your thumbnails stand out, you should use these four colors: blue, orange, green, and yellow. 

It does not mean that you cannot use red, white and black at all in your thumbnail, but keep it minimum. Use the four colors and the main color for your thumbnail (like 80%). 

Optimize Your Video for Engagement Rate

Like any other social media platform, engagement matters when it comes to the YouTube algorithm. Many reports have suggested a strong correlation between user engagement and YouTube rankings.

The best way to increase YouTube engagement rate is to ask people to engage with your video. You can ask viewers to like your video, leave a comment, or subscribe to your channel at the end of your video. When viewers watch your video end to end, it means they really enjoy your video. With a little push, they are very likely to engage with you. 

Boost Session Watch Time

You probably know that Audience retention and Watch Time are important for YouTube views. However, neither of them are as important as Session Watch Time. Session Watch Time is the total amount of time someone spends on YouTube after watching your video.

As you can imagine YouTube wants viewers to watch as many videos as possible, stay on YouTube as long as possible, and view as many ads as possible. If someone watches your video and then leaves YouTube, your channel’s Session Time decreases and YouTube doesn’t like it because it actually hurts YouTube’s revenue. Namely, if the viewer stays longer on YouTube after watching your video, session time will increase and YouTube will rank your video higher than others. 

How to improve your Session Time?

First, promote your best videos on your channel page, preferably in a playlist. You can also set one of your popular videos as the channel trailer. 

Second, create playlists on your channel and write an eye-catching title for your playlists.

Third, check your Analytics page and find out where your audience retention is coming from so you can create more of the kinds of videos that your viewers like to see. 

Fourth, you can collaborate with other YouTube creators to promote each other’s channels. That way, you can bring potential subscribers and increase views.

Hack YouTube Homepage

If your videos appear on the homepage for users that are signed in, you definitely will get lots of views. To increase the odds that your video will appear on users’ homepages:

First, promote your video in the first 48 hours after it goes public.

YouTube’s homepage algorithm tends to feature videos that are popular and newly uploaded, so try to share your new videos on as many social media as you can. If your other social media channels do not have a large audience, you can use YouberUp to boost your views instantly for free. YouberUp creates a large community where many YouTubers gather to help each other grow their channels. 

Second, boost your total YouTube subscriber count.

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If you look around on YouTube’s homepage, you may find that YouTube tends to feature content from channels that have lots of subscribers. So you want to get more subscribers to increase the chances of appearing on the homepage.

Master YouTube SEO 

The SEO for YouTube is nothing more than a set of techniques and strategies to increase the access of your videos within the platform, because in addition to a good recording, with lighting, sound, script and content appropriate. You should do keyword research for videos, optimize titles, descriptions and tags based on the keywords research, improve Audience Retention, Watch Time, and engagement signals.