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How Should Beginners Get 500 Free YouTube Views?

Description: Want to stand out on YouTube? Just come to this guide and find the easy ways to get 500 free Youtube views.

There is no denying that view is an important metric for your videos on YouTube. On one hand, the number of views will directly develop an initial impression among users; on the other, according to your views, YouTube will rank your video in the search results. Especially for the latest videos, fast increasing views will bring the videos high ranking.

If you want to become famous on YouTube, it should be your first goal to get 500 free YouTube views. It seems not a simple thing for beginners with fewer subscribers. But don’t worry. In this guide, we will show you 5 methods to get free 500 YouTube views instantly and easily.

Get 500 Free YouTube Views

You Should Know: How does YouTube Count Views?

Knowing the rules of counting views on YouTube can help you figure out whether you are doing the right things to get YouTube views. It is necessary and imperative. 

If a user does the following 2 things, there will be one view.

  1. Take the initiative to watch one video. 
  2. Watch the video on the platform for at least 30 seconds

Then if one of the following happens, there won’t be one view

  1. A user watches a video for over 30 seconds but leaves spam comments on videos.
  2. A user watches a video that is embedded in a page and autostarts
  3. A user watches multiple videos successively, per for 30 seconds.

According to these rules of counting views on YouTube, we have summed up the following feasible and easy methods to get 500 free YouTube views.

Method.1 Best App to Get Free 500 YouTube Views Trial – YouberUp

YouberUp is one of the best apps to bring you effectively counted YouTube views, subscribers, and likes. It allows you the easy way to get your 500, even 1000 views on YouTube for free.

Get Free YouTube Subscribers & Views

  • Get unlimited YouTube subscribers and views for 100% free. No payment.
  • Instantly get subscribers and views on YouTube in a reasonable time.
  • Easy to get real and high quality YouTube views and subscribers.

Why YouberUp is the best? 

  • Unlimited free
  • 100% real people, no bots here
  • Fast delivery
  • Legal, not violating any rules
  • No survey, no passwords & no verification
  • Safely available on App Store or Google Play

How it works? 

YouberUp builds the platform where people can get views, subscribers, and likes by coins; and they can get coins by doing the same things to others. But it doesn’t mean you will be imposed to view the video you don’t like for coins. Instead, you can choose to watch videos you are interested in and get your coins. Besides, you can choose to like videos or subscribe channels to earn coins.

Is there anything else?

  1. Check real-time order list: You can check your real-time increasing of views
  2. Collect watch hour: Plenty of free views will bring you watch hour, which is one important metric for YouTube ranking.
  3. Interact more: All our users are active and real, which will bring you more interactions on YouTube. Interaction is also one important metric for ranking.
  4. Higher ranking: Fast-increasing YouTube views will likely bring you a higher ranking for latest videos, and your video can get more popularity easily.

Once you own enough YouTube subscribers on your channel, you will get views organically and easily. Not mention 500 subscribers, you can even choose to get your 1000 free subscribers by YouberUp. It is also easy to make it.

Method.2 Optimize YouTube Search to Higher Your Ranking

You need to keep in mind that YouTube is one of the largest search engines in the world. (Second only to Google) So you can boost your ranking to get 500 free YouTube views easily by YouTube search engine optimistic (SEO). For there are many complex theories and methods about SEO, here I just share two actionable methods you can take right now.

Combine keywords to optimize your subject

You can select some hot keywords related to your video and combine them as a subject. In this way, you are likely to get more exposure among different search results. For choosing trend keywords, here are the tools you could use.

  1. Keyword Tool
  2. Tube Buddy

According to the web data, you can make some adjustments to the sentence pattern, adjective, or noun in the subject.

Enrich high-quality keywords to optimize descriptions

As we know, the description for videos is a good way to appeal to your audience. But don’t forget that YouTube will rank your video by it. You can do the same things as subject to higher your ranking on YouTube. But you need to know when you cover hot keywords as many as possible, don’t ignore uses’ reading experience.

Method.3 Optimize Your Thumbnail Image

The thumbnail image is the first picture to catch your audience’s first sights. Although one video may be ranked on the first page, people will prefer to click the one with a more attractive thumbnail image. If you want to get 500 free YouTube views, thumbnail images are really worth optimizing. And there are some factors you could refer to in thumbnail images.

  1. Words display 
  2. Representative image of your video
  3. Related to your audience’s interests

Method.4 Create Your Content like No.1 Video 

You need to know that one of the crucial factors in YouTube ranking is user feedback. If users take more positive actions to your video, your video will be ranked higher on YouTube. So it can be considered that the video ranked No.1 meets users’ needs most. So it can be a good way to imitate your industry’s best to create video content.

Method.5 Share YouTube Video to Your Community

If you want to get free YouTube views, it is a good way to share videos with your community. On one hand, you can easily figure out your targeted audience in your familiar people; on the other, they will pay more attention to your videos than a stranger audience on YouTube. 

You can share your YouTube to any platforms, twitter, Instagram, or others. You can make it with ease. Besides, if you push traffic from other platforms to YouTube, this will result in a more favorable ranking and more appearances in suggest views sections.

Bottom Line

It is just a start to get 500 free YouTube views on your way to one of the famous. And it won’t be a hard thing if you do the right things. Importantly all methods I shared don’t require too much experience of creation. So even as a beginner, you can use these methods to get more exposure and views easily and instantly. Especially for YouberUp, you just need to publish your order and wait for your 500 free YouTube video views. It is really worth a try.

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