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5 Free YouTube Random Comment Picker That Really Works in 2020

Are you looking for YouTube comment picker hack? Here are 5 free YouTube random comment picker to help you pick winners quickly and easily.

YouTube is a video-sharing platform. To advocate YouTubers to make amazing videos and attract more users to view, it promotes YouTube monetization plan. To increase revenue, they try their best to make high-quality videos. But there is another useful way to get more video viewers: doing giveaways and the like. Inevitably, you need a YouTube random comment picker to help you complete the whole process easier. We say random comment picker because it implies fairness, which will leave a good impression on others. The article shows you 5 free YouTube random comment picker apps and tools that are easy to use and really work well.

 Free YouTube Random Comment Picker

Free YouTube Random Comment Picker - Pikkit

To choose winners quickly, Pikkit is one effective random YouTube comment picker app when conducting giveaways for Android devices. It also helps you to choose maxed liked comment by entering a YouTube video URL. It filters out duplicate comments automatically and makes sure the equality of every user to win. 

Random YouTube Comment Picker - Pikkit

Up to 100 winners can be generated at one time. Tap the profile of them, you can see their detailed info, including channel name and description, the number of subscribers, videos, and views. If you want to involve more users to participate in your campaign next time, you can share the winner through other social media platforms with one tap.

Features of Pikkit: 

100% ad-free.

Exclude the video owner’s comment and like in random comment generation.

Generate up to 100 winners randomly.

Link is placed to verify the winner is subscribed or not.

How does it work?

  • 1. Open the app and enter the YouTube video URL at first. 
  • 2. Choose to pick winners randomly or max liked.
  • 3. Filter out duplicate comments automatically.
  • 4. Input the number of winners.
  • 5. Multiple winner lists are generated. 

Multifunctional Random YouTube Comment Picker - YouTool

YouTool, as its name suggested, is a tool developed for growing a YouTube channel in several ways. Giveaways are useful and efficient, so it is used as a YouTube random comment picker. You can organize a giveaway on it with the least effort. 

Multifunctional YouTube Comment Picker Random - YouTool

In addition, more functions are available: downloading thumbnail, counting real-time subscribers, generating descriptions, and extracting tags. If you want to save the storage of your phone and install one app that functions as more than a YouTube comment picker, YouTool is one that suits you best. Download it from Google Play. 

Features of YouTool:

Pick random winners.

Download thumbnails in high-quality PNG format.

Check live subscribers count and total views in real-time.

Access your description from any smartphone.

View tags used in a video by pasting the link.

How does it work?

  • 1. Enter the video URL.
  • 2. Set up rules to filter comments.
  • 3. Winners will be generated soon.

Useful YouTube Random Comment Picker - Comment Picker

It’s a cool app designed for YouTubers who conduct giveaways. Randomly picking winners from thousands of comments is easy. First of all, it allows you to filter those unnecessary comments by text or hashtags. The feature is very suitable for those who wish viewers to comment with certain words or hashtags. 

Same with other apps, you can see other important details about a winner more than the name, like, comment, user channel ULF, and more. The winner list can be downloaded and saved for reference later. On the YouTube random comment picker app, comments are picked randomly only.

YouTube Comment Picker Random

Feature of Comment Picker: 

Easy to use.

Filter comments by your criteria.

Show more info about winners.

Save info about winners.

Pick random comments only.

How does it work? 

  • 1. Enter video URL and filter comments based on specific text or others.
  • 2. Load comments.
  • 3. Pick winners immediately.

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Best YouTube Comment Picker - Ytc Comment Picker 

To pick random comments for videos easily on Android phones, Ytc comment picker is one of the best YouTube comment picker apps. Giveaways, quiz, many kinds of campaigns can be done within the app. Want to pick random comments from your selected videos? It is the one that is designed to meet your demand immediately. You can select several videos from the video list on your channel and pick random comments from these videos. During the process, you can set up some special words in the comment and filter comments that don’t contain them. It only selects one comment per user.

Best YouTube Comment Picker for Free


Features of Ytc Comment Picker: 

Filter comments by required words, spam words, and others.

Every user can only win once (the function can be disabled).

The winner list can be saved easily.

How does it work? 

  • 1. Enter the video URL.
  • 2. Filter comments according to your criteria.
  • 3. Generate winners randomly.

YouTube Random Comment Picker for Giveaways - Simpli Giveaway Pickers

The tool declaims to offer the most professional and fair YouTube giveaways in seconds. You can use it to pick random winners without installing an app. It lists all comments reached on the results pages. No matter the first one to comment or the last one, they have the same chance to win in a giveaway. 

Best Free YouTube Comment Picker Random

It provides funny comment randomizing animation to increase fun of your campaigns. Based on its intelligent algorithms, it is able to control repetitive winners. Comments can be filters by the numbers of tags. The tool employs the most advanced security services, so all your info and giveaways are in safe. 

Features of Simpli Giveraway Pickers:

User-friendly interface.

Pick a winner fairly.

Filter comments by tags.

Save and share the result on other platforms.

Easily reach and repeat past giveaways.

Eliminate duplicate comments.

How does it work?

  • 1. Enter the video URL. 
  • 2. Set your rules: name of your giveaway, number of winners and substitute winners, tags, or including words.
  • 3. Load comments and pick winners randomly. 

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A Comparison of the 5 YouTube Random Comment Picker Apps and Tools for Giveaways

There are 5 YouTube random comment picker tools that have different functions and features. To help you choose one that meets your demand, we make a comparison of the 5 tools below. 





YT, FB, IG, Twitter





Comment Picker



Ytc Comment Picker



Simpli Giveaway Pickers


Free & Paid

Why Use YouTube Random Comment Picker? 

With tense competition on YouTube, how to maintain existed subscribers and gain new subscribers? One of the quickest methods to let others know your channel is to run giveaways and other contests. It is especially necessary for those who do business and earn money on YouTube. How to run a successful giveaway? Except for making criteria and entry, picking winners is the last but not the least step. It’s really time-wasting to find winners from so many comments. And some comments are made from the same user. How to identify? What’s the useful YouTube comment picker hack? Read the comments one by one by yourself? Stop it! That’s the reason that YouTube comment picker come onto the market. We share with you YouTube random comment picker to guarantee fairness and encourage more users to participate in your giveaways.

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Is YouTube Random Comment Picker Safe?

To use a tool before, some may concern it is safe to use. Don’t worry. The YouTube Random Comment Picker shown in the article is 100% safe. They don’t record any info about a campaign. They can’t manipulate the outcome of any campaign. They are clean, no ads, no leak.

Bottom Line

All these 5 random YouTube comment picker tools have distinctive features. If you have more than one social media platform that launches giveaways, use Pikkit to pick winners randomly. Youtool has 6 functions that meet your different requirements. Simpli YouTube comment picker allows you to pick winners online. They are used free. Anyway, choose one according to your own demand, launch giveaways, and pick random comments quickly and easily.

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