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How to Promote YouTube Channel For Free: 5 Proven Strategies

Paid ads is not the only way to promote your YouTube channel in 2020. Learn how to promote your YouTube channel with these 5 free methods.

A lot of YouTubers have made mistakes in promoting their channel. For example, if you share your link from a website to a website, that will never do much good, it has never worked in the past. In this guide, I will show you how to promote YouTube Channel the right way. 

You will learn YouTube promotion strategies and some little known tricks that can grow your subscribers and views. In addition, you will use some free tools to boost your channel and productivity. 

Why Your Promotion Method May Fail

You know you should share your link on social sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc. It's simple, you already know it, but it doesn't work unless you have a large following. When you do this kind of promotion, you're really interrupting people by pushing your content onto the individuals. It is like when you're watching a great TV show and a commercial comes out. On 99% of the time, you are not going to be interested. 

True marketing is a bit different. Marketing is building something that lasts over the long term. Marketing is about building something for those viewers that are interested in a specific subject and building a better mousetrap. 

5 Ways to Promote Your YouTube Channel

People are looking for stuff online, and they find your results, for example, your YouTube channel, your subreddit, your Facebook group and more. Now, you can promote your video and the results will be massively different. 

Promote Your Video on Other Communities

As mentioned, the key is to find the right people to show your video to. The first thing you should try is to find the right Facebook groups with the right people in it. There are so many different types of Facebook groups out there, so you should be able to find at least one. 

You want to make sure that these groups are actually active instead of just seeing how many people are within that group. If a group has many different people in it but they're not active, then there's nobody really participating at all. 

When you pick and join a group,  you should engage with a bunch of posts and a bunch of people within that group by commenting and liking different posts. After that, you can create posts of your own and then start to promote your videos. 

You can even create your own Facebook ground to gather more target audience. You can replicate this process on other platforms like Reddit subreddit, Telegram Channels, etc. 

Comment on Your Competitors' videos

The reason you really want to do this is that you're becoming a part of that community of that niche on youtube. When you are just starting out, you're not really well known, so the best way to become part of that community is to go and engage with that already existing audience, namely, your competitor’s channel. 

You should not go into these communities and spam them. You have to provide value upfront. Nobody wants to see that you're just spamming the community and then you're gonna get blocked from that channel. The best thing you can do is just go in and answer as many questions as possible because you want to go and provide value and really help people with their problems.

Obviously, there's not going to be a lot of people going to your channel, but if they do, they will see that your channel is for them, then they are more likely to subscribe and watch a couple of your videos. 

If you keep doing these, more people are going to actually comment on your channel and like your videos, which is something that you really want, because YouTube will show your video in front of more people.  

Let youtube promote your video completely organically

The youtube algorithm's job is to find the right video for the right viewer at the right time. The timing is what really takes a lot of patience, because your video may not take off yet because there isn't a lot of interest around that topic just yet. So, that's why you always want to make sure you're doing trending topics.

You first need to find a particular keyword or topic that has a lot of attention within your niche.  Then you go and put that keyword in your title, your description, and your tags so that people can find your video within youtube search or suggested videos. 

Make Use of Your Best Performing Video

No matter where you promote your videos. Youtube is always the number one promotion for your videos. After publishing a few videos, you can find some videos that have way more views than the others. 

You can identify the videos that generate the most views and do more of these type. In addtion, you should find out the videos that convert the best. If you use your YouTube channel for business, you should find the videos that convert the most views to customers. Otherwise, you should find the video that brought you the most subscribers. 

Once you have identified the high converting video, you just need to show this video to a larger audience. You can add it to your End Screen, make a playlist that starts off with that video, promote it in a card, or even use it as your channel trailer. 

Getting Your Initial Subscribers Is Crucial

As you get started, your channel barely has any subscribers and views. You don’t want your channel to look like spam, so you want to get your first 100 or more subscribers. That way, your channel looks credible and more viewers are likely to subscribe. 

The fastest way to get your initial subscribers is to use a free app called YouberUp. It allows YouTube creators to get unlimited real subscribers for free. No bots are allowed. All subscribers you get from YouberUp will like your content and engage with you. 

YouberUP - Grow YouTube Fast & Free

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YouberUp is 100% safe and clean. Once signed up, you get unlimited YouTube subscribers without spending a dime. You just need to enter your channel URL to get some initial subscribers without verification, survey, or password. If you do have a budget, you can grow faster within YouberUp though. 

Once you get some subscribers with Youberup, your channel looks more authentic and trustworthy, so it will actually help you increase YouTube subscribers organically. 

That’s how you should promote YouTube Channel and grow subscribers. You may see only little results from the beginning, but if you keep using these strategies, your channel will grow like magic. If you prefer fast results, then you should use YouberUp to send views to your video and grow subscribers.

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