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How To Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically - 11 Proven Tactics

Learn exactly how to increase YouTube subscribers organically in 2020. Here are 11 tips that have been tested working by many YouTube creators.

YouTube actually provides many small features that you probably don’t know to help grow your YouTube channel. Some small changes can make a big difference. Keep reading to learn 15 proven tactics to get more YouTube subscribers.  

Make Branding Watermark Like a Subscribe Button

Branding watermark is an underrated hack for getting YouTube subscribers. Some really cool branding watermarks often get ignored. So instead you should make the branding watermark look like a normal YouTube subscribe button, which attracts viewers' attention and allows them to subscribe to your channel while watching the video.

Increase Youtube Subscribers Organically

Reply to Comments

YouTube, like other social networks, is based on engagement, connection, and interaction between people. That way, when your subscribers know that you care about them, they will care about you.

Therefore, it is necessary to invest time in engaging with your audience, listening to your requests in the comments section, and creating a two-way communication. Make sure you respond to everyone's comments on your videos.

This will make your viewers feel connected with you at all times. Besides, viewers will receive a notification when you reply to their comments. It highly increases the odds of turning a viewer to a subscriber. 

Optimize Channel Description

Before subscribing to your channel, viewers may check your YouTube Channel Description. Channel description also matters when it comes to YouTube SEO. To write an excellent channel description, you should tell what the channel is all about, describe important information on the channel, wrap some relevant keywords, and include a strong call to action to subscribe. 

Make an Awesome Channel Trailer

Just as a channel description, a good channel trailer also matters for YouTube subscribers. If you want to create a dedicated trailer video, stick to these 3 tactics to make viewers convert to loyal subscribers: start the trailer with your tagline, stick to 60 seconds (or less), and show off your best stuff. 

Alternatively, you can also use your best performing video, the video that brought you the most subscribers, as the channel trailer. 

Ask Viewers to Subscribe to Your Channel

Obviously, asking viewers to like and subscribe to your channel at the end of each video is basic to generate good results. You can also explain why they should subscribe to your channel and the benefits of doing so.

Remember, once subscribed, you need to keep your promise and fulfill the demand to keep these subscribers interested and engaged on the channel. It's an ongoing job of gaining subscribers and retaining them as part of your audience.

Add a Subscribe Button in End Screen

When viewers watch your video to the end, it means they really like your video, so it is a great chance to convert a viewer to a subscriber. Besides asking them to subscribe, you can add a subscribe button in the end screen, so viewers can subscribe to your channel without leaving the video. 

Use the Playlist Feature

Creating playlists can be a fundamental weapon to acquire more subscribers. When viewers finish watching one video in your playlists, it will automatically start the next video in that playlist. Undoubtedly, playlists allow users to watch more of your videos and increase video viewing times.

Try to create playlists by segmenting your audience into groups of users who will move through your content. A playlist should contain your best videos or playlists that talk about the same topic. The more you know what you offer and the audience you attract, the more effective it is in your movements on the channel.

Make Use of Your High Converting Videos

If you have published a few videos, you can find the video that brought you the most subscribers and show this video to a larger audience. You can open YouTube Studio and  go to Analytics > audience and click See More to see which video brings more subscribers than others.  

Once you identify the high converting video, you can add it to your End Screen, make a playlist that starts off with that video, promote it in a card, or even use it as your channel trailer. 

Quality over Quantity

YouTube growth is never a quantity game. You probably know that YouTube is the second largest search engine. When you focus on quality,  YouTube will continue to send viewers to your videos from YouTube Search, YouTube Suggestion, YouTube Feed, etc.

Quality videos are also more likely to appear on Google Search results, so you will continue to get organic views. In addition, if you publish too many videos, your subscribers may receive too many notifications from you. If some of the videos they don’t like, they may unsubscribe from your channel.  

Publish frequently and consistently

The main reason why someone subscribes to a YouTube channel is that they like the work of the publisher and want to see more of their videos. This is obvious, but it needs to be remembered. YouTube subscribers generally tend to abandon channels that do not regularly produce content.

Especially in the current digital age, consumers want to continuously receive more and more entertainment. They find the content that best suits their desires, become followers and fans, as well as disseminators. You need to be able to keep up with the demands of your subscribers.

Consistency is the key to developing a lasting relationship with them. Launch your videos in a timely, recurring and structured way. Try to publish one video a week, or at least two to three a month. See this consistency as the key to the user being “stuck” in the channel and looking forward to a new video.

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