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How to Make More Money with Super Chat on YouTube

Super Chat gives you another way to make more money out of the YouTube Partner Program. Learn some best practices to make more money with YouTube super chat.

If you have YouTube Monetization enabled, you can also make extra money with Super Chat without doing extra work. In this article, I will show you everything you need to know about YouTube Super Chat and a few more tips to make more Super Chat revenue. 

What Is Super Chat? 

Super Chat and Super Stickers are features for YouTube Creators to get more revenue from YouTube Monetization. Your viewers can purchase chat comments to stand out from other messages. These comments will be pinned and highlighted in the stream or Premiere chat. Depending on the money viewers send for a super chat, it will change colors and the duration for being pinned. For example, For $20 your comment with orange color will be fixed for 10 minutes in the chat.

For those who often do live streams, this definitely gives creators and the viewers a cool way to engage with one another. If you simply upload videos that you edited, you can also set it as a premiere. That way, you can also engage with your audience while it premieres and you can get an extra source of income for your channel.

Make Money with Super Chat

YouTubers that do not reach 1,000 subscribers will not have this button in their chat. And those who do must have the Super Chat function activated. When the visitor clicks on this Super Chat button, a window will open where the payment option will appear. It is the place where you can insert the comment that will appear preferentially in the chat of the YouTuber that is doing the live streaming.

How to Enable Super Chat and Start to Make Money?

Super Chat requirements are very simple. Your channel must have more than 1000 subscribers.

The user must be over 18 years old and reside in a country where it is enabled. That is to say, as long as you have joined the YouTube Partner Program, you can enable Super Chat. 

Go to your YouTube Creator Studio, and click on Monetization on the side of the menu. Click on the activation button and if you have the channel verified and free of strikes, it will activate you without a problem.

Do not forget that it is essential to have a Google Adsense account since it will be in charge of linking a bank account number and thus being able to deposit the money in your account!

How Much Money Does YouTube Take from Super Chat?

This means that you will have an additional way to monetize your live content and better follow conversations. YouTube takes 30% of what you generate through Super Chat. Payments can be from $ 1 to $ 500. Creators can track earnings through their channel analytics.

How to Get More Super Chats?

Super chat is the direct interaction you get to do with our audience. Not only is Super Chat a great way to start communicating more with your audience, but also you can use it to increase your revenue without extra effort. Therefore, I recommend every creator to make use of Super Chat. Here are some good practices you can use to increase your Super Chat revenue. 

Introduce It to Your Viewers

When you enable Super Chats on your channel for the first time,  you should introduce it to your audience. Explain to them why they should use Super Chat, how it helps you, how you'll read their comments, and how you'll react to their comments.

Make an Example

When somebody sends the first Super Chat, you could show it off and allow everybody to see. Based on the question of the Super Chat, try to think about some fun ways you can answer it. You should also thank people for the Super Chat, no matter how small it is. It creates good. People are more likely to come back to your future videos or live streams. 

Set challenges

You can also set a challenge in your live streams. For example, when viewers send a certain amount of Super Chats, you're going to do something different, silly and fun that the viewers can relate to. 

Give Credits

You can keep track of those who Super Chatted and especially those who spend more out of others. When the live stream ends, give them a big thank you. You can mention the top five if you have. 

Call to action

Remind viewers to send super chat, but don’t do it frequently. Otherwise, viewers may get really frustrated and leave the live stream. You should encourage them and make it as organic as possible. 

What If You Are Not Eligible for Super Chat?

As mentioned, your channel needs to have at least 1000 subscribers in order to enable Super Chat. If your channel has not reached it yet, don’t be disappointed because you can use a great tool YouberUp to reach your goal easily in a very short time. 

Developed by a professional team, YouberUp is an app for increasing your YouTube subscribers and views in a safe and clean fashion. It gathers real and active YouTube users to help each other on the platform. In addition, it does not require your YouTube login or human verification, so you don’t need to worry about the safety of your YouTube Channel.

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Once you install the app, you will be rewarded with a certain amount of coins, which can be used to get some subscribers to test it out. You can also earn more coins by doing some tasks in the app like verifying your email, sharing the app, watching other YouTube videos, etc. that is to say, you can use YouberUp forever free to grow more YouTube subscribers. 

If you have a budget on increasing YouTube subscribers, you can grow your channel in a fast way. Once you publish a subscriber request, then you will get the requested amount of subscribers immediately.

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