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Best YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners to Start Popularity in 2020

Do you know how to shoot to fame on YouTube from the start? It is easier than you think. Just read this blog and find your best YouTube channel ideas in 2020.

According to the features of YouTube, it allows people a way to earn money from their videos that can get views. But the premise is that you need to own enough audience when you can make money. It will be better if they come to subscribe to your channel, where you can get continuous views from them. YouTubers know that it is not a simple thing to get YouTube subscribers or views. However, if you have a good plan for your channel, it will be easier.

So do you want to shoot to fame or make money on YouTube? If you are to start your YouTube or to make some adjustments, just read this blog. We pick the most popular YouTube channel ideas in 2020 and hope you can find your unique one.

Technology and Testing

In 2020, with the rapid development of information technology, a lot of electronic products are updating at any time. The theme of technology and testing is one of the nice YouTube channel video ideas. So if you are interested in electronic products, this idea suits you very much. You could make the videos for the latest products; dedicated or integrated, like the new iPhone, the new CPU (the evaluation of Qualcomm and Intel is especially hot), or others.

Note: if you want to do this, you’d better have the channel to get the latest product in advance. You make the video earlier and will get popular more easily. 

Game Commentary

Game is never outdated and there will always be people who are interested in it. For example, League of Legends draws plenty of views every year. So if you are outgoing and interested in games. This one can be your nice chance to make money. Besides, many games have similarities. So don’t worry about the obsolescence of one game. There will be another similar game. 

Food and Cooking

Almost nobody will hate food. That’s one of the reasons why there will be YouTubers who shoot to fame, often. The other reason is that cooking is close to our lives. People can learn to cook online and do it themselves easily. If you are good at cooking, it will be great. But if you are not a nice food creator, you could choose to find delicious food for your audience. It works too.

One of Best YouTube Channel Ideas to Make Money - YouTuber Case

Liziqi, a Chinese girl, owns 13M subscribers on YouTube. Average views of her videos can go up to 15M. According to the latest data on YouTube, Liziqi can get 700k-800k dollars from ads’ display on YouTube per month. You can really say that she explains how to make money on YouTube. She can get so successful because there is not only food and cooking in her videos but more life scene, which combine food with culture, interesting and high-quality.

Best YouTube Channel Ideas to Make Money - Liziqi


As you may know, YouTube view for the latest music video is a very important standard to evaluate if it’s successful. And the development of music on YouTube is sufficiently mature. So if you have a talent for music, this idea is worth a try. YouTube allows anyone to post their video. So don’t miss this opportunity to become famous. Believe you have learned that there are many super singers who start their popularity on YouTube, like Justin Bieber, Troye Sivan, Charlie Puth and etc… Maybe you are the next one.

Popular Science

Have you ever searched for some common sense of life on YouTube? It is really a good way to learn that from videos that are better than just words. Here are many subjects you could choose from. For example, fitness is a good choice to start your channel. Besides, you could make videos to introduce some scientific knowledge, like biological knowledge of the human body.

Fashion and Beauty

Fashion is always a popular topic online. If you are insightful about fashion, you could try this idea. You could regularly share the videos about dress recommendations. Or you could try to be a beauty blogger, sharing the latest and popular products with your audience. You know, people who care about their appearance will easily bring you plenty of views on YouTube. In this way, besides ads’ income from YouTube, you could advertise for many beauty products. So this is also one of the great YouTube channels ideas to make money.


Are you a travel lover? Have you ever thought about getting famous for a trip? It really can be! Travel is a nice YouTube channel idea for beginners, for you just need to film during travel with some editing. Especially for now, when people in the most countries suffer COVID-19, they want a trip more than ever. If you can record a nice trip as a video, it will draw attention more easily. But if you want to be a travel blogger, you must be sensitive enough to capture the life details. Only in this way can you empathize with your audience and get plenty of views.

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