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Which is the Best YouTube Video Downloading Apps in 2020 - Free & Easy

Try to find the best YouTube video downloading app? 5 free YouTube video downloading apps are introduced in this blog to help you find it out.

Downloading videos from YouTube is preferred by a growing number of people. Users can watch YouTube videos whenever they want once videos are downloaded into devices. Over the years, YouTube restricts users from downloading videos. You can pay to get the right to download YouTube videos, but not all videos are available to be downloaded. For some videos, you can only download and watch them offline in a limited time, instead of saving them into your phone. Lots of YouTube videos downloading apps try to make this task easier, but not all of them work smoothly. Here, the 5 best YouTube video downloading apps are introduced to help you. They are Videoder, TubeMate Video Downloader, Download Helper, Video Downloader for All, 4K downloader. The basic information is shown in the excel. Check them up now!

VideoderTubeMate Video Downloader4K downloaderDownload HelperVideo Downloader for All
Free30/per day free15-day trial
Multiple OptionsX

No AdsX
No Login Requirement
Other Platforms
Compatible forWindows/ Android/ MacAndroidmacOS, Windows, UbuntuAndroidAndroid

Apps to Download YouTube Videos1. Videoder - Best YouTube Video Downloading App for Windows/ Android/ Mac

Videoder maybe the best choice among these YouTube video downloading apps. Multiple definitions are available on Videoder, from 144p to 1080p and even 4k definition is available, while many video downloaders couldn't download 4K videos. 

Besides YouTube, you can download videos from more than 25 platforms, including TikTok, Ted, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

How to Download YouTube Videos Using Videoder?

There are three kinds of ways to download YouTube Videos. Each way is very simple to follow. These three almost cover all methods of downloading videos from YouTube. Many other apps also support these three methods, so the methods will be introduced very detailedly. 

Way 1: Search by Videoder

Step1: Search

It allows you to watch YouTube videos on Videoder just like on the YouTube website. You can enter a video directly to download or search for the video you want to download. 

YouTube Video Downloading Apps for Android

Step2: Choose

Choose the file that you want to download from the search results that appear. You can also download multiple videos in one go by adding the videos that you want to download in the download bubble and then set them to download in one go.

Best YouTube Video Download App

Step3: Play or Download

Now you can either play the video or choose to download in any of the resolutions available. 

YouTube Video Downloader App for Mac

Way 2: Share YouTube Videos to Videoder

Open the YouTube app and search. Then Tap on the share button and choose Videoder from the share menu. Choose Videoder, it will jump to the download page.

YouTube Video Download Apps

Way 3: Youtube Website

Paste the URL and it will jump to the website. Make sure this is what you want to download. Then choose the corresponding quality you want. Click it and the download will start.

It allows you to change your download location and select the number of network threads for fast downloading.

2. TubeMate Video Downloader - Multiple Definitions

TubeMate is a multimedia app and video downloader developed by Devan Studio. As its name suggests, TubeMate primarily focuses on downloading videos from YouTube, but that doesn't mean TubeMate can only download videos from that website. It allows users to download videos with three ways introduced before. And there are also amount of choices. There are many definitions even 4K. The big difference between TubeMate and these other browsers is that this app has a unique download button that automatically appears when it detects that a web page contains a video file. When users click on the download button, they will be prompted with video resolution options to choose from. Once they have chosen a resolution, the download will then begin shortly. Its user interface seems don’t very pretty, but its functions are useful. 

YouTube Video Download Apps

3. 4K downloader - Best YouTube Downloading App for PC

It's designed for PC, so it could not be installed on your phone. But it is a good video downloader for your computer. You can download 4K videos here undoubtedly which is one of the most popular functions nowadays. As known to all, 4K videos take much more storage. In this aspect, it's better to download it on your PC. There are many definitions you can choose from. And, you can also choose the format you want. What's more, it's free of advertisements. Overall, it's a good choice to download YouTube videos. But there is still a small issue that you are not allowed to download when up to 30 videos per day, though it's okay for most of people.

YouTube Video Download Apps

4. Download Helper - Video Organizer

It's from Savefrom, but the app is called Download Helper.

You could use these 3 ways that have been introduced before to download YouTube videos.

No matter you watch videos on this app or paste a URL, if there is a video on the page, the download button will be active. Press it to save the video.

YouTube Video Downloading Apps Free

Besides a video downloader, it also can be a video organizer. You can organize all videos, audios and images on your phone. This is a very practical function. You can watch or delete the video on this app easily. This is a unique function among all YouTube Downloading apps.

5. Video Downloader for All - Basic Functions Available

This is the last YouTube downloading app introduced in this article, but it doesn’t mean it is the least. Compared to the former apps, this one only remains basic functions. The storage of this app can be very small. As a result, it doesn’t allow uses to watch videos on this app, and you only have three optional videos of different definitions. Besides, there are a lot of advertisements, even take more area than its basic function - download YouTube videos. However, it is also highly praised by the features below. 


No login requirement.

Allow you to download videos from big social networks and videos providing websites.

Support multi-download.

Easy to manage multiple download progresses.

Full-featured download manager to pause, resume and remove downloads.

Play videos offline with the built-in player.

Store and manage your favorite videos, photos.

Share videos on other social networks.

YouTube Video Downloader App

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Bottom Line

Thank the YouTube video downloading apps make download YouTube videos so easily! All these 5 YouTube video downloading apps is free and they all allow users to download videos from more than 20 platforms besides YouTube. Try your favorite one. If you need to boost your YouTube account, try Youberup!

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